DSNG (we currently have 6 Digital Satellite News Gathering Units)

All about DSNG

  • DSNG 1J and 2J are digital satellite vehicles based on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB chassis.
  • Dual thread system operating on Ku band.
    • Each thread consists of a Tandberg ES 5740L-band encoder and a  Xicom 400watt TWT power amplifier.
  • The dish is a 1.5 meter Swedish with 45dB Tx gain.
  • Communication is via two Bluetooth cell phones connected to a Comms panel allowing loudspeaker and / or earpiece operation.
  • A third L band encoder is available to allow for dual carrier operation
  • One encoders is configured with a remux card to allow for multiple service transmission
  • Paradise modems allow communication via satellite (voice and data)
  • Power:  220V single phase or a 3,3Kva silent generator.
    • A UPS is fitted allowing up to 45 minutes of operation in the event of power loss.

Fly away option

  • Each system is demountable to allow for a single or dual thread fly away system.
  • The fly away dish is a 1,2m Gigasat with a 43dB Tx gain.
  • Video and audio monitoring is part of the std. fly away configuration.

    2 CAMERA DSNG is developed for cost-effective News & Sport 20 camera productions. It is a satellite production facility
    with generator incorporated in one vehicle.

Description: http://vcmstatic.sabc.co.za/VCMStaticProdStage/Air%20Time/Staticimages/Our%20Facilities/DSNG/Unit_DSNG%201J%20HD_sm.gif

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