OB1J HD ( We have 8 OB units)

OB Specs

SABC TVOB boasts of 4 large-sized outside broadcast units: OB1J HD, OB2J HD, OB3J HD, OB6J HD and OB5J HD as a medium-sized OB unit, plus 3x HD MPU's.

General Description

Articulate Trailer 14,9m long, 4,3m high and 2,54m wide with dual expanding sides. It is divided into three main areas; Production, Sound, VT & Vision Control. The Production and VT areas both have a second tier operator desk.The internal video standard is 1080i50 (SMPTE 259M/292M) HD (720P switchable) with full external SD (SDI. ITU-R.601) & PAL 4:3/16:9 interoperability.


Audio Area (AES/EBU)

Audio Console

  •  LAWO MC2 56 console
  •  64 Fader Stereo – fully programmable Control Surface
  •  Built in full Processing for each channel
  •  LAWO Nova 73 Core Router with 128 x128 AES Router
  •  Dallis Interfaces for all other AES & Analog in – and outputs
  •  Total Audio Router 328x 328


  •  3 x Glensound Commentary stations
  •  5.1 Surround Monitoring
  •  Dolby-E Encoding/Decoding
  •  Embedding/De-embedding
  •  Instant Replay audio disc recorder
  •  Pyramix Audio Workstation



Equipped with 15 normal motion cameras and 3 Super-motion cameras each with full function Joystick OCPs (can also be controlled from a Master Setup Panel).

6/7 Fibre Optic Studio Config HD Cameras

  •  Sony HDC-1500C2 HD digital
  •  9 x Canon 86 x Digi Super Lenses + 2x Ext
  •  Vinten tripods/pan and tilt heads

6 Fibre Optic ENG Config Cameras

  •  Sony HDC-1500C2 HD digital
  •  2 x Canon 17x barrel lenses + 2x Ext
  •  2 x Canon 22x barrel lenses + 2x Ext
  •  4 x Canon 11x wide angle + 2 Ext
  •  Vinten tripods/pan and tilt heads

3 x Fibre Optic Super Slo-mo Cameras

  •  Sony HD Supermotion
  •  3 x Canon 86x Digi Super Lenses + 2x Ext
  •  Vinten tripods/pan and tilt heads

Maximum Fibre Optic Cable Lengths

  •  Normal motion cameras 2000m
  •  Super motion cameras 1500m


Production Area

Sony MVS 8000G Multi-Format  HD Vision Mixer (80 Inputs)

  •  24 Programmable Outputs
  •  4 x Mix/Effects banks 
  •  8 Channel Integrated DVE
  •  Integrated Still Store

Main monitor stack consists of 8 x 42” LCD monitors driven by Evertz Maestro multiviwer. All router inputs available for monitoring.

Two rear production desks (2 seater and 3 seater) with 5 x 20” LCD monitors, also driven by Evertz Maestro multiviewer


Vision Control Area

8 x Vision Control stations (CRT Monitors & Wimps for 24 Cams)

Camera Control

  •  Full Function OCP per camera
  •  Master Set-up panel



  •  Dual Multi-Format SPG’s with C/O unit, Tri-Sync & Wordclock
  •  Axon Modular Interface products
  •  3 phase 380 Volt 100KVA power source
  •  Air conditioning and Equipment on split supplies
  •  All power outlets protected by trip switches and earth leakage


Video Tape Area

  •  2 x Sony HDW – M2000 HDCAM video tape recorders
  •  2 x Sony PDW – DD1500 disc recorders
  •  Wiring for total of 8 Video tape machines
  •  6 x EVS 6CH HD hard disc recorders (wired for 8-4 with SSM)
  •  X-Store, X-Filie, IP Director
  •  26 x 20” LCD Monitors from Evertz Multiviewer
  •  Central Time Code Generator
  •  Full Slow-Motion Controllers
  •  3 x DVD recorders

VT Mixer (Switcher)

  •  Sony ME bank with  with 24 I/Ps



Riedel Artist 144 x 144 T/B System

  •  34 Intelligence T/B stations
  •  8 x 2 wire belt packs
  •  16 x 4wire remote Interfaces
  •  2 x GSM Hybrids
  •  2 x ISDN/POTS hybrids
  •  Duplex radio belt packs
  •  Interfacing with Audio Router

Routing Systems

  •  256x256 Evertz HD Video Router
  •  212x212 AES/EBU Audio Router
  •  114x114 AnalogAudio Router
  •  (Integrated  into LAWO Audio Solution)
  •  Almost all 200 LCD monitor inputs are assignable (with UMD’s & Tallies) via router


Support Facilities

  •  100 KVA Generator/Tender
  •  Core Crew transport





Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)



Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)

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