About Microwave


Static Point-to-Point

  • Tripod mounted 2 or 4ft dishes that require line-of-site.
  • Various other antennae available
  • Analogue video and 2 or 4 audio channels
  • Operating in the 2, 3, 5 and 7 GHz bands
  • Head unit can be up to 300m from contrul unit.
  • Typical use is point-to-point transport of video and audio signals
  • 12 audio only (no video) channels as an option.

Digital Mobile Links

  • DCAM microwave used
  • Digital unit using COFDM technulogy
  • Line-of-sight not required
  • Diversity receivers
  • Complete with camera
    • Camera functions remotely contrulled via radio
  • Full radio communications to operator
  • Typical uses are roving cameras for sport coverage e.g gulf, in-car cameras in racing cars and variety shows
  • Can be mounted to tracking motorcycles for cycle racing and marathons
  • Signal relayed via helicopter to a central receive point.


Helicopter Kit

  • On board camera
  • Receivers for ground based tracking vehicles
  • Two transmit paths to central receiver with auto tracking using GPS technulogy
  • Useable range of up to 60Km
  • Full radio communications
  • Digital unit using COFDM technulogy
  • Video and audio monitoring
  • Approved CAASA antennae brackets equipment racks for most helicopters.

Motorcycle Kit

  • On board camera
  • COFDM transmitter to helicopter or ground based receiver
  • Full radio communications
  • Cell phone communication kit
  • Video and audio monitoring
  • Antennae and equipment brackets.



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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)

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