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How does Henley TV Facilities fit into the SABC?

Henley TV Facilities is a Business Unit of the SABC under the Technology Division. It is a Television facilities provider in Broadcast, Production and Post-production for SABC1, SABC2, SABC3, SABC Encore, SABC Sport, SABC News, SABC Education and all SABC Content commissioned Productions.

These facilities are situated in the Henley Studio Complex in Auckland Park and form part of the SABC Auckland Park Campus. The facilities were built between 1972 and 1974 for the specific use and requirements of the SABC. The SABC introduced Television into South Africa in 1975 and in the early years of Television the SABC was the only producer and broadcaster of Television programmes. As the Broadcasting Industry developed, new broadcasters and programme producers started competing in the market place. The SABC is continually investing capital in its television facilities, primarily to service the internal clients and offer the best possible product to the viewers, also in order to stay relevant as well as competitive in the Production and Post-Production open market.

What services are on offer?

Broadcast Facilities – Final Control Centers; Master Control Room.

News Facilities – Live Broadcast Studios; Graphics; Editing; Line Record Room.

Production Studios - Drama and Variety Production Studios; Live Sport Broadcast Studios; Optical Services.

Post Production Facilities -Video Editing; Graphics; Audio Final Mix; Transfer Facilities

What are the Current and Future Technologies Initiatives?

There is a huge drive to digitize all facilities and to change the workflows from analog tape based to digital file transfer workflows:

HD Migration of the Production Studios

Upgrading of the Broadcast Platforms

Digitization of Transfer Infrastructure and Digital Workflows Integration

Expand FCC Operations  to accommodate SABC’s Audiences and DTT Platform Growth Strategy

Preserve the Archive Legacy Material into Digital Format

Development, Attraction and Retention of Top Talent and Resources

Off-site Emergency Play out Server installed at Sentech

Upgrade of Audio Final Mix Hardware & Software

Successful Launch of SABC Encore (DSTV Channel 156)

The SABC Radio Stations are live on DSTV audio bouquet

Tel. No: JHB (011)714-6405; Fax No: (011) 714-5500 Email Address: henley@sabc.co.za and henleyinfo@sabc.co.za


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