SABC Broadcasts ANCs January 8th Statement 2020

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11 Jan 2020   07:00 AM - 06:00 PM past event

Tafel-Lager Park

Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa.

This event is expected to show continuing efforts to building the South African nation. Year 2020 is The Year of Unity, Socio-Economic Renewal and Nation-Building.

The SABC has always provided broadcast coverage of such previous events:

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Extract from this year's Statement: 


"We are encouraged and inspired by the resilience of many South Africans and especially our young people who are forging a new path of progress and achievement. We congratulate the matriculants of 2019 for their excellent results that have for the first time exceeded an 80% pass rate, and the

Springbok Rugby Team for being the 2019 world rugby champions, Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, the Ndlovu Youth Choir that have displayed their outstanding musical talent internationally and many others who have shown the world what young South Africans are capable of.

It is our shared responsibility to realise the enormous potential of our youth by embarking on united action to significantly reduce joblessness, poverty and inequality; to end hunger and homelessness; and to develop the skills that our people and economy need.

We must act with urgency and purpose. While we dare not ignore the depth of the challenges we face, our programme of transformation must remain ambitious and our determination to succeed must be unwavering."

The President delivering a very inspiring speech on the 08/01/2020 when addressing faith-based organizations after visiting the Sol Plaatjie gravesite this morning.




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