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RADIO BROADCAST FACILITIES exists primarily to provide the technology infrastructure on which radio programmes are created - from studio broadcast/recording and outside broadcasts all the way through Radio Main Control (RMC) to broadcasting via Sentech. 

This includes not only staff such as broadcast studio technicians and engineers, broadcast IT specialists who maintain the back bone of broadcasting like Dalet and RCS play-out systems but also studio technical producers and OB production staff to facilitate all the production elements.

Media Libraries as part of RADIO BROADCAST FACILITIES provides clients with CD’s, archive material plus an information library.  A music library exist which house musical instruments and sheet music for clients. A transcription and audio restoration section revives old transcription LP’s and transfers it to CD.

Radio Broadcast Facilities (RBF) is a division within the South African Broadcasting Corporation Limited (SABC).   BF provides broadcasting facilities, fitted with the most advanced equipment, servicing internal and external clients.  BF continually engages in the further digitization of the SABC radio stations by sourcing the most up to date equipment for all our radio studios.
Facilities include:
• World class Music Studios
• Fully fledged Packaging and Drama studios
• Mobile (OB) vans/studios for quick deployment anywhere in South Africa
• Digital playout systems like Dalet and RCS
• Regional and International interconnectivity using  ISDN, ATM/Fiber Backbone, satellite or 3G routing
• Digital routing of feeds
• Recording, editing and production via ProTools

RBF set the benchmark in the South African radio broadcasting industry for years, by staying at the forefront of technology and these standards will be maintained.  Radio broadcasting is a 24/7/365 day job and BF has the technical staff and expertise to take care it.
The studios range from pre-production facilities to on-air broadcasting, advanced recording and post-production facilities. RBF has some of the best equipped music and drama studios which are available for hire to external clients, artists and musicians.

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Contacts: (For an extensive list of BF Contacts click here)
National BF Booking Offices Tel: 0861 723 723

Regional Manager's names and contact info:
Bloemfontein: Refiloe Maraka, , Tel: 051 503 3099, marakar@sabc.co.za 
Kimberley:     William   Heath, Tel: 053 802 5811, heathwj@sabc.co.za

Gauteng: Granny MamaboloTel: 011 714 4278, mamabologb@sabc.co.za 
               Abnor Maditse, Tel: 011 714 4974, maditsea@sabc.co.za

Tswhane: Archie Sethaelo, Tel: 012 431 5353, sethaeloma@sabc.co.za

Polokwane: Jerry Malahlela, Tel: 015 290 0275, malahlelamj@sabc.co.za   

Port Elizabeth: Vuyo Nyembezi, Tel: 041 391 1264, nyembezicl@sabc.co.za 
Bhisho:             Pumza   Jim, Tel: 040 609 1848, jimp@sabc.co.za

Nelspruit: Francois de Villiers, Tel: 013 759 6626, devilliersdf@sabc.co.za   

Mafikeng: Victor Thabeng, Tel: 018 389 7187, thabengv@sabc.co.za   

Cape Town:  Lynda Smith, Tel: 021 430 8321, smithlg@sabc.co.za

Durban: Dhanraj Ajodapersad, Tel: 031 362 5138, dhan@sabc.co.za

RBF Marketing: Peter Jaquire, Tel: 011 714 4666, BFinfo@sabc.co.za   

General Manager BF: Dennis Herold
Office Assistant: Thandeka Gumede, Tel: 011 714 3989, GumedeLB@sabc.co.za   

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