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Demand for pure dog breeds goes up in Zimbabwe

Date: Jul 4, 2022

The demand for pure dog breeds has gone up in Zimbabwe following a sharp rise of violent crimes.

Zimbabwean police have indicated indeed crime is on the increase but for a country without a firearms abuse history, ordinary citizens have resorted to dogs for security.

German Shepperd, Boer bull from South Africa, Rottweiler are the most sort dogs because of their aggressive characteristics.

They are selling between S$ 700 and S$ 1500 per dog hence dog breeders are cashing in on the huge demand.

Most dog breeders in Zimbabwe are not licensed. However, it would be wise to get licensed; local authorities can provide you with the necessary guidance.

This will boost your brand image plus it will condition you to use best practices. The other key to success in dog breeding is closely working with veterinary service providers.

Dog trainers, care and service providers are also witnessing a rise of business as a result



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