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Former Burkina Faso President granted “total freedom”

Date: Jul 4, 2022

Burkina Faso’s former President, Roch Kaboré, has been granted “total freedom” by the military generals who overthrew him in a coup in January.

The move is part of reconciliation efforts, the Radio Omega website reported on Sunday.

Kaboré was allowed to return to his family home in the capital, Ougadougou, in April after being placed under house arrest since the coup.

His party, the People's Movement for Progress, said the former leader has since "neither been free to move, free to receive certain people nor to communicate".

The Military Junta on Sunday reaffirmed “the total release of the former Head of State” as part of “dynamics of strengthening social cohesion and national reconciliation”.

Junta leader, Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba, met Kaboré last month to discuss security, the transition to civilian rule and other matters of national interest.



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